Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode #03

This episode puts back to Fumizuki Academy… and it involves switching places!

Um, just do a twincest doujin on the Kinoshita twins!

Anyway, this is Yuuko Kinoshita impersonating Hideyoshi Kinoshita!

While she’s good at everything, she’s not that good in acting or even singing.

And that’s where Hideyoshi comes to play on impersonating Yuuko for a school promotional video.

As always, nothing is impossible when it comes to acting… unlike his yaoi-obsessed twin sister though.

Also, there’s a flashback on this episode where Yoshii met Minami’s little sister and gave her a stuffed toy…

…until the “Ironman” teacher gave Yoshii the title of the infamous “Punishment Inspector”!

That’s why Yoshii-kun will and always be the most idiot student in Fumizuki Academy in BakaTest. Nobody but Mr. Baka himself!

Can we get the usual Summoned Being battle on the next episode… including Ironman’s abduction of students into the remedial zone?

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