Nichijou Episode #18

Nakamura-sensei, I think you should stop capturing Nano-chan! I mean, you’re not gonna gain anything…

Better yet, don’t fucking sip that drugged coffee! I think she got collapsed again…

Excuse me but… Halloween is not yet around the corner! Still, I wonder if Mai is okay when she’s wearing armor?

Anyway, this episode introduces a new character who not only making fun of Yukko…

…but she happens to be Gundere’s little sister! Gee, Misato… You’re still in denial phase!

Here’s something different… A Helvetica Standard that replaces the weird setting into a calm and peaceful segment.

As expected from KyoAni, they made Helvetica Standard so beautiful!

Too bad that it had to end it with a gun inside a book. Dammit, you’re ruined the mood!

But at least it’s back to being weird again in Helvetica Standard. Hmm, that blondie sounds familiar to me.

And, it looks like the Professor built another robot… that’s being powered by biscuits?!

Um, you should at least put him some solar power in case that you don’t have biscuits to feed.

Anyway, let’s end this post with a call back from Episode 7. This time, it’s about Mio’s twintails that come out of nowhere!

Yukko, you should stop dreaming about those things. Only Mai-chan can do it!

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