Yuruyuri Episode #05

Today’s episode is all about going to “Comuket” and selling Mirakurun doujinshis made by Kyouko.

And why Kyouko? Because she’s awesome!

And because she is awesome at anything from tests to making doujins, she can even cosplay as Mirakurun!

Too bad that Chinatsu Yoshikawa was not there to wear the Mirakurun costume. But it’s a good thing when you’re visiting “Comuket” because…

You might encounter yuri doujins! And for those who don’t know, Chitose Ikede is inside that Ganbo suit.

Just bring some packs in case of blood loss next time, Chitose!

On the other hand, Himawari Furutani and Sakurako Oomuro are spending their time bickering and doing their homework.

Oh, and it seems that both of them admire Akarin’s helpfulness! Too bad that while Akarin is being berated as an extra…

She’s being raped (or forced to kiss) by Chinatsu, of all people! God, we need to raise the yuri-meter!

Well then, I have to end this post for Episode 5! Good thing Kyouko and Yui came back. But as for Akarin…

She’s not only berated as an extra, but she’s ruined forever with a forced kiss by Chinatsu! I pity her…

Man, I feel the urge to find some Yuruyuri doujins that has “real yuri” beyond Yuriyuri levels!

One more thing, seems that Himawari Furutani got the cutest little sister ever named Kaede! Isn’t she cute?

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  1. Yukari Gato says:

    Akarin fisrt kiss…
    so pity with him….Akarin lost her first kiss…
    I hope She would get A man that love him

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