Yuruyuri Episode #06

And now, the moment that we’re all been waiting for! It’s high-octane yuri action courtesy of Kyouko Toshino and Yui Funami!!!

Except that it’s one of those manga sketches from Kyouko-chan! Man, I’m disappointed…

Anyway, it’s art class day in Yuruyuri and while Kyouko Toshino is good at drawing after showing her work, it’s time for Chinatsu Yoshikawa to show her art to everyone…

I have to say, it’s so “unique” that it gives me nightmares so to speak. Yeah, Chinatsu’s hidden talent is unleashed on this episode!

Of course, we don’t want to forget Akari Akaza and her plain but cute clay figure. Fitting for someone who’s always demoted to an extra!

BTW, this is Yui’s cute relative named Mari. And even though she has a sleepy-eyed look, Mari is a fan of Mirakurun that Chinatsu-chan closely resembles the heroine of that show!

Not to worry though, Kyouko got this covered. However, it’s not gonna take long for Chinatsu-chan because she act awkward!

Man, why didn’t you act like Mirakurun? You’ve ruined Mari’s hopes and dreams, Chinatsu-chan!!!

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