Hanasaku Iroha Episode #20

So this is how you fest it up, eh? Man, your eyes are so teary!

BTW, this is Minako Kotobuki’s role for the two-part student festival episode named Eri Mizuno.

I guess Ayahi Takagaki is sad right now… Man, I hope she doesn’t fall like that Hiro guy from Weiß.

Anyway, it seems that Minko and her cooking team have agreed to add Omelet Rice on the menu.

And to celebrate their reconciliation…

Minchi will cook and serve Omelet Rice as lunch!

Yup, this includes Ohana and Yuina’s version too!

But I think Ohana got sick of eating Omelet Rice for a day.

Still, at least their Princess Cafe is successful on the next day.

Oh, look… It’s Tohru-san and he wants some Omelet Rice! But I wonder who cook Tohru’s Omelet Rice?

Well, take a guess… Anyway, that’s a wrap for today’s episode!

And with 6 episodes to go, I wonder what will be the ending for Hanasaku Iroha? I’ll find out!

PS: The number of “Omelet Rice” that was mentioned on this post is 5 times!

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