Yuruyuri Episode #07

Um, it’s pretty awkward when both Ayano Sugiura and Yui Funami are alone during Christmas Eve!

BTW, the men’s face in Yuruyuri are not seen. (except for Akarin’s relatives)

While Ayano and Yui are being weird together, it seems that Kyouko Toshino’s dream of having Chinatsu Yoshikawa has finally come true.

Oh, and they’re having a good time watching a Mirakurun movie… except that Kyouko lost her chance to grab Chinatsu’s hand!

Meanwhile, looks like Himawari and Sakurako are getting intimate together at the family restaurant.

Still, they’re tsun-tsun to each other which is sad for Chitose. Well, Chitose Ikeda preferred the Kyouko/Ayano pair instead of others.

And finally, seems that their date is pretty normal between Chitose and Akarin. Good thing Akari Akaza has two boxes of tissues for Chitose because she might get a nosebleed again.

Anyway, everybody is happy in this Christmas episode of Yuruyuri!

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