Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode #06

Well, looks like Fumizuki Academy is still in School Trip mode… But the culprit is still on the loose!

Could it be Aiko Kudou? Well, I doubt that…

Or either Toshimitsu Kubo or Miharu Shimizu for that matter? Either way, it’s still a mystery…

Anyway, it looks like Yuuji still thinks about charging into the girl’s changing room.

Um, you should think about sending Kouta to spy on… Wait, he can’t take it!

Yet, they continue the rushing plan! Gee, can’t you think of something better?

But no matter how many male students to sacrifice their way to paradise, they always got owned by either teachers or female students.

God, have mercy on them!

Anyway, this arc is gonna continue into the next episode. Man, why did this happen?

Still, how come the culprit can predict and forecasts Yuuji’s plans? Is the culprit a spy or a psychic that knows their moves?

Of course the latter one is impossible in BakaTest. It’s considered a cheater!

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