Yuruyuri Episode #08

Today’s episode will be focusing on Chitose Ikeda and her “yuri-delusioned” life. And while she has problems on her blood supply, this Kansai-speaking secretary will still live to see more Kyouko/Ayano ship delusious.

Oh, and this episode does not contain not only Akarin… but Chinatsu of all people!?

Hey, isn’t that Chitose-san? She seems different with that expression and eye contacts.

Well, let Kyouko Toshino get noticed by blowing Chitose’s ear. That’ll get Kyouko’s attention!

Crap, Chitose is angry at Kyouko! Why did our sweet yuri-loving meganekko end up like this?

Fortunately, the real Chitose Ikeda is here to explain her twin sister named Chizuru! Wait a minute, how come she has a twin sister?

But anyways, let’s know more about Chizuru Ikeda as she’s quiet but sweet at home. But whenever Chizuru saw Chitose and Ayano together…

Chizuru goes into her “yuri goggles” mode… except that she drools afterwards after seeing those delusions. EEEEWWWW!!!!

In any case, she’s the quiet version of Chitose. Do I need to repeat what I said?

Also, seems that Chitose saw more shipping delusion of Ayano and Kyouko again that she’s bleeding as usual! Poor Ayano, she’ll have to deal with the Ikeda twins with their yuri delusions!

Anyways, we might see Akarin and Chinatsu back on the next episode!

But for now, it seems that Chizuru hates Kyouko after what happened at the library. Poor Kyouko…

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