Hanasaku Iroha Episode #22

Hmm, that wedding dress for Takako is a bit… tight for you Nakochi.

But anyways, it’s wedding time in HanaIro!

And what a great start to this post… is an angsty catfight between Ohana and Minko. Luckily, no one was hurt except for Ohana, who got a nosebleed instead!

But come to think of it, both of these girls has some relationship problems with Ohana and Minko having a crush on Ko-chan and Tohru, respectively. And yet, Minko wanted Ohana to be with Tohru because she can’t take it anymore when Tohru sets his eyes on Ohana.

Yup, it’s complicated!

But at least Tohru calmed Minko down… Sure, Tohru finds Ohana interesting, but it doesn’t mean that he loves that “Balut” behind Minko’s back.

Well, I guess it’s back to normal… and they made the wedding preparations in time!

So anyway, I would like to congratulate Enishi and Takako for their successful marriage! Let’s hope that their lives don’t go downhill after this ceremony.

With the wedding celebration now over, I think this series should focus on Ohana confessing to Ko-chan on the last 4 episodes in HanaIro!

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