Yuruyuri Episode #09

Today’s encounter on this episode is… The Student Council President named Rise Matsumoto!

Yes, that President who not only appeared prior to this episode, but she doesn’t have a voice when she’s talking!

Anyways, the girls got scared of Rise Matsumoto that they ran away. Also, they left Akarin as usual… So sad!

Also, this episode introduces Nana Nishigaki who likes to experiment stuff and then blow it up. Oh, and Nishigaki-sensei is the only one who can understand what Rise is saying.

I guess both Nishigaki-sensei and Rise are so intimate to each other, right TV Tropes?

Oh hey Akarin, are you alright? Wait, you’re saying that you’re find and you’re with Himawari and Sakurako all the time? Then…

Don’t tell me that the Akarin that they left after their encounter with the President… WAS A FUCKIN’ GHOST!? Shit, this is blowing my mind!

Anyway, all is well that ends well in Yuruyuri… maybe not!

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