Hanasaku Iroha Episode #24

And I though she’s gonna confess to Ko-chan… Oh so disappoint!

So, let’s go first to some good news shall we? As you can see, Kissuisou is featured on a magazine and is now having some more customers at queue!

Well, let’s thank to Satsuki for that! Now for the bad news… Kissuisou will be closed after the Bonbori Festival, as announced by Madam Manager. Say WHAT!? How come?

It turns out, she doesn’t want anyone to follow her dreams of making Kissuisou a lively and prosperous place.

And yet, everyone wants to follow it… because they love this place! Aww…

Still, they need to take care all the inn’s recommendations, especially during the Bonbori Festival!

But anyways, it’s 2 episodes to go! Time to fest this up!

OMAKE: Did you know that the cooking manga Minko and Tohru are reading… is made by Jiroumaru! EEHHH!?

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