Yuruyuri Episode #11

Next week will be the last episode of Yuruyuri and I’m thinking that Akarin’s elder sister will not make an appearance… EVER!

But anyways, today’s episode will feature the Amusement Club in loli form!

As you can see, their personality and appearance is way different than the present, especially Kyouko-chan where she was a crybaby.

Still, how come Chinatsu befriended them at the present where she bullied Kyouko-chan back then? I guess they didn’t remember their faces before the start of the Amusement Club!

Also, it seems that Kyouko got a personality change after being bumped in the head… and she’s gonna disband the Amusement Club!

But good thing Yui manage to smack Kyouko’s skull back to normal. All’s well that ends well, indeed!

Well, except for Akarin… I guess her only regret in her life was cutting her long hair!

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