Yuruyuri Episode #12

We have some bad news on this final episode: Mirakurun died, Rivalun cried!

Of course, it’s just a Mirakurun movie that they’re watching! Oh, and they’re doing a sleepover!

Oh yes, it’s not just a normal sleepover… They’re doing a special sleepover where they wear special pajamas as Chinatsu shows!

Oh yeah, and the Amusement Club will play games together with the Student Council…

Do some experiments with Nishigaki-sensei. Yeah, glad that she’s there but I don’t think having Rise-san involved on her experiments would be a bad idea!

Taking a bath outside and see the sky… except for Akarin because she fell down together with the drum!

And- OMIGAWD IS THAT CHITOSE DOING… *collapsed due to excessive yuri*

Turns out that Chitose is weak to chocolates and therefore she’s in a drunken rage. Well, there’s only one way to stop her!

And that’s giving Chitose the usual Ayano/Kyouko shipping that she always have delusions upon seeing it… and hell, it was a glorious ship too!

The results speaks for itself. While a nosebleed stopped Chitose’s choco-drunken rampage, Chizuru missed the opportunity to see her sister kissing Ayano!

Anyway, Yuruyuri is a good comedy show but it’s not recommended for anyone who has homophobia (Chinatsu raping Akarin, mind you!). Still, this ain’t a typical yuri show… it’s over the top yuri comedy show!

Too bad that Yuruyuri not only didn’t show Akarin’s sister on this last episode, but Akarin died too!

Just kidding, she’s alive but her friends think that she sacrificed her life to save them. How cruel!

Well, Akarin and her so-called friends will surely be missed… Yuruyuri will be boring as hell without you, Akarin!

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