Hanasaku Iroha Episode #26

And now, it’s time for the festivities…

Sure, they don’t wanna be late for granting their wish!

As you can see, everybody celebrates after a hard work! Yup, even Minchi…

Except that she wanted to be a chef, not a lover to Tohru. Aww…

Oh, and as for Ohana… Not only she finds Ko-chan, but she finally confessed to him on this special day!

You go girl!!!

But unfortunately… It seems that Kissuisou will be out of business after the Bonbori Festival. But the building will be preserve until its return, right Enishing?

Even though everyone will have their separate lives out of that inn, they’re still welcome to return in Kissuisou as their home!

Oh, yeah… And what about Ohana, perhaps?

She has decided that she’ll become the next manager at Kissuisou when the time comes! I guess her stay in Yunosagi changed Ohana’s perspective in life.

But anyways, the bottom line of this series is that Hanasaku Iroha is truly a rollercoaster ride full of angst, challenges, and growing up!

Well, it was an improvement by P.A. Works over that Angel Beats! which left me hanging with some unanswered questions. But hey, HanaIro may not be as elegant and sweet as Usagi Drop or AnoHana, but at least it delivers a somewhat lovely ending to watch for!

Now I would like to excuse myself, I feel that the fall season is just around the corner!

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