Hidamari Sketch SP Episode #01

Ah widefaces, how long that I’ve missed you!

Thank goodness that SHAFT returned to their merry ways with Hidamari Sketch, as the series has returned after what happened to Madoka Magica!

No, they’re not dancing… They’re appreciating art as they’re copying the statues’ poses!

Heck, even Sae-san and Hiro-san joined the party. But let’s end this one on the first segment, and I hope Sae is alright there!

The next segment is well… Training Yuno and Nazuna on how to float and swim properly!

Of course, it seems that Yuno will have a long way until she can swim properly, as Miyako knocks her out with a kickboard!

Um Yuno, that’s not the way to float! On the other hand, I hope she’s okay!

Also Yuno, don’t try to copy Miyako as it’s not the way to float on water!

Still, at least they have a good time at the pool.

And a way to end this episode is a pajama party. Well, it’s different than showing Yuno taking a bath!

Anyway, looks like Hidamari Sketch SP will have another episode… But I don’t know when will it air.

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