Hidamari Sketch SP Episode #02

Well then, let’s wrap up this special shall we? I mean, I’m waiting for the fourth season of Hidamari Sketch!

But let’s start this episode as Yuno got a freak-out and ask Miyako for help.

So for today’s episode, they’re here to clean both Sae and Hiro’s curtain.

No, it’s not a ghost by the way so there’s nothing to be scared of! Yuno, what a silly girl you are!

Oh, and the only way to wash it up is by using the swimming pool as Miyako and Yuno demonstrates. See, they’re enjoying it!

But remember, they should clean their curtain as early as possible. I mean, it’s hard to dry those curtains!

Otherwise, they’ll get a heavy downpour. Don’t worry Nazuna, you’re not an Eeyore or anything!

Meanwhile, here’s Yoshinoya-sensei but it seems that she’s being scolded by the principal again as always.

On the other hand, seems that the landlady invited Yuno and her friends for a dine-in at a family restaurant! Isn’t is lucky?

So anyway, that’s the end of Hidamari Sketch SP! I’ll be looking forward for the fourth season.

And for those who want more Ume Aoki’s stuff, there’s the newly-announced Madoka Magica movie… in 3 Parts!

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