Rio – Rainbow Gate! Episode #14

Say, guys… I know you want more Rio Rollings! But she’s not the main focus of this special.

Instead, these two girls are the main focus for this special!

So the first one is Choco (disguised as An-An) who wanted to give Mint a camera (by XEBEC) as a present.

However, she doesn’t have any money to buy!

So she tries her luck at the casino…

…but to no avail! Well, there goes your luck!

Good thing Tom Howard gave you some money after finding his wallet, Choco!

That way, Choco can buy Mint’s present to die for!

Although she might not move without Yang-Yang’s talisman. But who cares as long as it came from Choco!

Now, the second one is Linda who wanted to dream after saving the aliens’ UFO.

Linda got what she wanted, but she involved Mint and Jack in the dream ride!

Yup, even the Mighty Bomb Jack can’t stop Linda-zilla from rampaging across her own dream!

Still, at least it was over… But unfortunately, Linda can’t remember her dream.

Well, that’s too bad for Linda. Besides, dreams cannot be remembered most of the time!

Anyway, that’s the end for this special. Now I might wait for the second season if XEBEC wants to go ahead!

And to end this post with a almost-naked Rio Rollings… Yup, it’s so close to becoming full nudity on this episode!

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