Tamayura ~Hitotose~ Episode #10

“If you wanna do it, then do it now!”

Anyway, this episode focuses on Kaoru-chan who basically stuck on her future.

Unlike her friends (except for Maon-chan), Kaoru is unsure of herself whether her expertise of fragrances will be successful or just a waste of money.

But given the show’s “iyashikei” mood, her problem can be solved with the encouragement of her friend, especially Norie-chan!

Oh, and speaking of Norie-chan… Looks like Komachi has a career as a war photographer!

If only Yamada from WORKING!! is sent into the battlefield and take pictures of any dramatic events…

Anyway, with just 2 episodes to go, looks like these four girls will end this series with a heartwarming exhibition!

Looks like it’s gonna be lively in Takehara With Potte sharing some of her photos, Norie and Kaoru doing some sweets and spices respectively, and Maon whistling and singing around the stage.

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