Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode #10

No need to tell me… It’s real!

It’s the real frickin’ beach episode that I’m been waiting for a long bitchin’ time! (No pun intended!)

But first, they need to put some sunscreen! Of course, Rika has something in mind that is very lewd and dirty…

…especially if involves Koda x Yuki! Damn, it’s gonna be one hot sunscreen-rubbin’ action!

Dammit, Rika-chan!

On the other hand, not so much for Meaty!

Damn, S & M potential!!!

Anyway, at least the Neighbors’ Club are having fun at the beach!

And not a single time is wasted on this episode!

Well, not so much when it comes to night time activities!

‘Guess the “test of courage” activity will be called off for another summer training camp!

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