Ben-To Episode #11

No need to tell me… Hana got nabbed again!

Oh, and if the Sawagi Twins got pwned by Ume, I’m done watching her Satou beat-up crap!

Anyway, Yarizui is taking a rest for now… But she’ll return in time for those half-priced eels!

Just hoping that she’ll be winning on that day!

Yup, just look at those grilled eels! They’ll taste good if they’re half-priced.

Oh, and someone will join the fray on July the 21th other than Satou the Freak, that former Gabriel Ratchet guy, and maybe Shaga…

Just ask this guy, who basically beat Orthros three years at at the Twins’ own turf! Phew, and I thought it was Ume…

But anyway, it’s gonna be one hell of a bento battle on the final episode! Just hoping that the Karasuda High Half-Priced Lovers Club will be victorious on July the 21th!

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