Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven Is a Place on Earth

Let’s end this year with a Hayate no Gotoku! movie shall we? Well technically it’s movie since it was shown in theaters across Japan, but it’s clocked at one hour because it’s been paired-up with a Negima! movie (which I want a reboot after a change of hands from XEBEC to SHAFT).

Anyway, this is just a movie about summer vacation… Well, a freaky summer vacation where Nagi was spirited away by a mysterious white-haired woman (who believed to be Hayate’s mother) so that she can free Hayate from his obligations as a butler (and his debt being placed by his stupid and douchebag parents).

Still, it was a happy ending since Hayate will stay as Nagi’s butler until he’s cleared from his debt! However, it was a sad movie because there’s no Norio Wakamoto narration on it!

Dammit Manglobe, where’s my Wakamoto narration voice on this Hayate no Gotoku! film!? Anyway, I hope J.C.Staff will do a 3rd Season and not Manglobe.

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  1. Mentar says:

    Amen to that. Give me J.C.Staff over Manglobe any day. It’s rare that a theatrical movie is actually looking _worse_ than the TV series.

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