Symphogear Episode #01

Ah, nothing is better than watching an idol anime where Nana Mizuki and Minami Takayama sings in duet!

Although Minami-san’s voice is a bit rough since she haven’t sing for a long, long time! (Remember TWO-MIX, anyone?)

But wait, what’s this? A giant flea out of nowhere terrorizing the whole concert!?

Oh, and this girl got hit by a shrapnel! Not a good way to start this show!!!

Oh great, don’t tell me that you’re gonna sing your swan song just to save that little girl while destroying monsters called Noises? Say it ain’t so, Kanade!?

The next thing I witness was Kanade Amou turned into carbon while the girl was saved with the power of music!

And that girl named Hibiki Tachibana who is now standing to this day, fulfilling her dreams as an idol just like Tsubasa Kazanari and the late Kanade Amou.

Anyway, this first episode of Symphogear gave it a strong and solid start…

Hell, they even have gaudy titles when attacking enemies!

Although I doubt about Aoi Yuuki’s voice since she might sound irritating when she’s into Symphogear Mode.

But she’ll awake her powers right about… Now!

Then again, what the fuck did I just saw! Oh the horror!!!

Anyway, next time we’ll be seeing Tsubasa Kazanari saving Hibiki Tachibana’s ass from becoming a rogue Symphogear (and not going downhill onwards like a certain Madoka Magica).

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