Shakugan no Shana III Episode #13

Um, Shana… I know Yuji is the enemy right now but save that kiss for later, okay!

Meanwhile, Sabrac has fallen as he look at that giant eel for one last time…

Oh, and he treats it as one powerful Crimson God! Still, I’m convinced that he became a weaksauce in the end!

And BTW, I have no idea on who the heck this character is.

So if have any information on this girl, let me know…

Anyway, let’s see how badass Sophie can get with a flying kick to the Divine Gate!

Yet, it failed thanks to Fecor! Stupid cockblocker!!!

Anyway, looks like it’s crunch time to save the world from destruction by The Snake of the Festival! Still, that giant eel looks weird…

In another news, I might watch Zero no Tsukaima starting with a marathon from the first season up to the final season! But I’m not gonna blog it though.

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