Highschool DxD Episode #02

Well, if only you have sex tonight while Issei is naked, Rias-sempai… Still, Issei is important to her because Rias sacrified 8 pawn pieces to revive him as a demon!

Oh, and sorry for posting boobies… Still NSFW!

Oh, and before the fight, let’s introduce some of the members of the Occult Research Club…

Starting with the “Knight” named Yuuto Kiba…

The “Rook” named Koneko Toujo…

BTW, notice that her first name sounds like you wanna call Azunyan again?

The “Queen” named Akeno Himejima who she also appeared along with Koneko-chan in Episode 1.

Yup, that’s the episode in which she helped Rias on scaring another fallen angel and saving Issei Hyoudou from being killed again. And another note, Rias Gremory is the “King” of the Occult Research Club.

So as you can see, the Occult Research Club explains the events from last episode to Issei… How he was killed by a fallen angel, and the existence of Sacred Gears.

Of course, Issei has to try harder on activating his Sacred Gear.

And it’s a bad timing too when he has to use it on a fallen angel!

He succeeds, but he has to train harder! What a shocker, eh?

I guess it’s time for Issei to become stronger on the next episode…

If he does, he would become the next “King”… of the harem kind!

Oh, and I guess this Asia Argento girl is a “Bishop” to Rias, right?

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3 Responses to Highschool DxD Episode #02

  1. Robert Tene says:

    I laughed my ass off at this episode. I really like the idea of the whole story. This might be one of the few ecchi anime I actually love! Anyway good job on the blog and keep it up!

  2. Derek says:

    Are Rias and Issei blood related? Just wondering because it said that he was reincarnated as her brother.

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