Symphogear Episode #02

Well, I wasn’t expected that Hibiki Tachibana would become like Kanade Amou instead of becoming a rampaging hulk! It’ll bring a Walpurgisnacht scenario in Symphogear, which is worse than a Noise threat!

Oh and by the way, Madoka is now reincarnated into Hibiki thanks to Aoi Yuuki that is!

Of course, battling a bunch of Noise while holding a girl and singing might be tough for her! Oh, and Aoi Yuuki’s voice is a bit laughable (She might get used to it later in her career.).

Anyway, Hibiki’s first fight with the Noise scares the wit out of her until Tsubasa Kazanari arrives just in time to save Hibiki and a little girl.

Unlike Hibiki-chan, Tsubasa is more refined in battle and her voice is like an angel thanks to Nana Mizuki! So I guess Tsubasa-san would let Hibiki go as she pleases after defeating the Noise, right?

Nope, not today for Hibiki though! I guess she’ll be at the slammer then…

Nah, Hibiki will be sticking around as a Symphogear user as Genjuro Kazanari welcomes her to the team!

It turns out, Hibiki possesses a fragment of Kanade’s relic called Gungnir which is why she transformed and stuff.

Anyway, next episode will deal Tsubasa Kazanari getting angsty that a mere girl like Hibiki would be a replacement to Kanade Amou.

Oh, and she’ll kick Hibiki’s ass because why not! Dammit Tsubasa-san, what’s wrong with you!?

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2 Responses to Symphogear Episode #02

  1. Anise_Punter says:

    “You have to sing to power up the symphogear” and we’ll animate this singing every time, even though it makes no sense how you’d know what song you’d have to sing to get these frequencies – this might be the single worst conceit I’ve ever had to accept in my history of watching anime.

    I’m definitely up for angry lesbian Tsubasa still embittered over Hibiki taking her rival’s place, holding a two year grudge. Should be delightfully violent.

  2. Robert Tene says:

    This anime is nothing but a stupid copy of others. Its just like Evangelion and Puella Magika Madoka. Putting that aside I suppose it is decent enough.

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