Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Episode #02

Since Yuuta will be staying for a long time taking care of the girls, I guess he’ll start by playing Nintendo Wii with Hina-tan!

Yup, good luck there Yuuta!

Of course, Hina-tan doesn’t like losing…

So tsundere Sora-chan will avenge Hina-tan’s loss!

As expected from Hina-tan’s older sister…

Still, Sora can’t be so honest on her feelings with Yuuta. Right, Miu-chan?

But anyway, next episode will see Yuuta man up as the “Papa” of those three girls! And yes, Shingo and Yuri have disappeared on this episode… May God bless their souls on the couple!

And BTW, Hocchan’s new song for 2012 is in Autotune mode! Man, is she trying to become Perfume? I hope “yo yo yo…” Raika will return on the next episode too!

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  1. Robert Tene says:

    This is one of the few ecchi which has a really emotional and dramatic story. It definetly needs to be seen!

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