Highschool DxD Episode #03

And now, I would like to introduce Asia Argento to you viewers!

Of course, devils cannot co-exist with the servants of the Church which is why Issei has to stay away from Asia…

Anyway, let’s see how the Occult Research Club fight a stray demon…

…That shoots laser beams from her tits?! NOOOOO!!!

Man, I must not unsee that monstrosity again! Just checkmate that bitch, you noble demons!!!

Well, I guess this episode is over, right?

Wrong! There’s a rouge priest at bay, and he wants Issei exorcised for good!

Oh fuck…

But not for Asia-chan, she’s here to protect Issei even though he’s a lower-class pawn devil.

I guess this one is over, right?

Nah, I don’t think that rouge priest won’t fuckin’ allow that would you?!

Dammit, why don’t you Issei..

…just fuckin’ punch that son of a bitch and save Asia with all your strength!

Of course, he can’t do it all the way because he’s tired!

I guess it’s time to call some back up. But don’t tell that Asia…

…will be left behind by that insane priest who wants to rape her for not setting up the barrier properly!?

Dammit, Rias-sempai! Do you have any sympathy?

Anyway, let’s find out next episode!

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  1. Robert Tene says:

    High school DxD is simply awesome! Also, I want that priest’s ass kicked!

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