Symphogear Episode #03

Oh shit Tsubasa-san, please stop it even though you’re getting flashy with your attacks!

I mean, Kanade saved Hibiki-chan when she accidentally sends a sharp chunk straight at her chest.

Good thing Genjuro Kazanari is channeling those Gen Fudou vibes as he stopped the fight like a total badass!

Oh well, I guess it’s not the time for Tsubasa on killing a replacement!

Anyway, Tsubasa Kazanari is still angsty towards Hibiki Tachibana… And man, she can’t get over with Kanade’s death!

As for Hibiki, she has to deal with her secret life as a Symphogear user while being a friend to Miku Kohinata!

Of course, there is a time when Hibiki-chan needs to hulk it out fast when she wants to be with her friend and see a meteor shower together!

Good thing Hibiki didn’t destroy the universe, right Madoka?

Anyway, next episode will introduce a rival to the Symphogears!

And take note, don’t try comparing this rival to Desil Galette from Gundam AGE even though Ayahi Takagaki voiced both characters.

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