Amagami SS+ Episode #04

Well, at least Makabe-kun didn’t hit and rape Rihoko… It’s gonna be hurtful! She might end up in the NTR Zone.

But unfortunately, this arc has become weirder when Junichi heard everything what Rihocchi said.

Ah gee, I think this arc will leave us in a “friendzone” note! C’mon you two, just confess already. Being “forever osanajimi” is suffering…

Oh wait, there is some hope on this arc!

I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it!

YES, SHE DID IT! Rihoko is not friendzoned anymore!!!

Man, talk about damn time that she has a happy end! Great job, Rihoko…

Of course, I want to continue their moment together if it was for Miya-chan… Nishishishishishi!

Anyway, that’s the end of Rihoko Sakurai’s story arc! Rihoko haters, just deal with it!

With two heroines got the best ending, there’s four more to go. And for the next episode, it’s Ai-chan’s turn!

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    I was definitely hoping for the friend-zoned end, but I’m a terrible person in general.

    +3 nishishis, 4 for the arc in total and 4 for the season in total.

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