Highschool DxD Episode #04

Wow, now that’s some sexual healing you got there… Rias-sempai!

Of course, Issei is not fully healed and he’s too weak to fight on his own.

And that’s why Asia is here to patch you up! Although I’m suspicious that she was raped by that fuckin’ priest from last episode.

But anyways, let’s party at the game center!

Nothing like spending Issei’s time at Asia… not sexually though!

And then this fallen angel shows up. Fuck, that’s Yuuma over there!

In that case, let’s punch that bitch with his Sacred Ge-

What the hell, did that bitchy angel just thrown her lance at him just like that?!

Dammit, being a pawn is suffering!

Oh well, not this shit again… Not only that, Asia is gonna be sacrificed for her Sacred Gear!

Phew, I thought that she was raped but BEING SACRIFICED IS WORSE!

Looks like Issei has some explaining to do. Of course, he’s just too stubborn right now…

So he opts to go ahead by infiltrating the church along with Kiba and Koneko…

…and fight that fuckin’ priest! Man, of all the people that they have to encounter, why they have to fight him?

But anyways, screw this guy ’cause Issei gives him the FALCON PUNCH! And then he ran away… Boo!

If only that priest was killed!

Meanwhile, Akeno dons her miko costume…

Against a gothic lolita fallen angel in a cosplay battle! Uh, I’m just kidding.

Oh, and these two angels from previous episodes!

Well, looks like Rias wants to kick some fallen angels’ ass at the enemy’s home turf after all!

But wait, what about Issei and the rest?

Oh, great… They’re too late! WTF!!!

What’s next, Yuuma pwns everybody and ran away on the next episode? No fuckin’ way!!!

Sorry ’bout the F-bombs, it seems that Highschool DxD is getting whammier!

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