Symphogear Episode #04

Woah, I didn’t know that Kanade Amou was that crazy before becoming a Symphogear user five years ago!

At least she didn’t gone berserk, but coughing a pint of blood was horrible. Satelight, just limit those flashbacks okay!

Anyway, this Nehushtan-armored girl is here to kidnap Hibiki Tachibana and destroy the world by summoning Noise across various places.

Oh, and she’s no pushover either. This girl named Chris can literary stomped everyone in no time as seen here where she kicked Tsubasa Kazanari in the gut!

Well, this calls for some… drastic measures?

Wait, are you gonna perform your swan song and sacrifice your life to stop that bitch?!

Oh God, say it ain’t so!

Yup, Tsubasa Kazanari did what she have to do… except Chris ran away with some major damage.

As for Tsubasa-san, she didn’t die but God those blood flows through her eyes like she’s crying with it!

Dammit, I’m relieving those hurtful memories of Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica!

Anyway, what will Hibiki Tachibana do now when Tsubasa collapsed while Chris is hunting her down for that Gungnir shard?

Great, just great… High School DxD and Symphogear just got whammier! *facepalm*

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2 Responses to Symphogear Episode #04

  1. There were literally pools of blood spilled in this episode. I know the first episode was pretty violent, but damn! I think I’m going to like this show. It does strike me as a sort kindred spirit to Madoka Magica. Though that may be stretching things a bit.

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