Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode #04

Dense… Dense… Dense!!!

Well, we can’t blame that Ichika (Girl B or Woman A) and Kaito (Boy A and Man B) is so dense when it comes to relationship!

Um, Kanna or Girl C, just join in the friend zone. Kaito considers you as a friend… Forever!

Of course, this woman has some hots for Kaito-kun… Let’s call it Woman D, shall we?

Let’s start this observation by looking the interaction of Kaito and Woman D as they watch Highschool of the Dead: The Movie!

J.C.Staff, you sure contacted Madhouse on putting HSotD on this anime! Oh, and both shows were sponsored by Geneon Universal so it’s bound to happen.

Now you know!

And finally, being invited to Woman D’s home… Wait, don’t tell me that Woman D wants to break Kaito’s cherry!?

Say it ain’t so!!!

Gulp, looks like Kaito has some explaining to do on why he’s being invited by Woman D!

But good thing Kaito was not seduced by Woman D…

…since Woman D is Tetsurou’s big sister! Oh, and Woman D’s name is Manami Ogura, and she’s married.

Now you know!

So yeah, it’s back to normal now! And yes, it’s getting more awkward as time passes…

I wonder what my scouter says about their awkwardness and denseness power levels when it’s summer time?

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  1. Kat says:

    I was so thankful that Kaito didn’t do anything stupid with Manami!
    Now we can get back to regular programming next episode, hopefully with them -actually- making their movie.

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