Mirai Nikki Episode #16

So, this is Yukkii’s dad named Kurou Amano…

…Who happens to be a masochist after seeing his son being squished by Minene-sama. Gee, don’t do that Mr. Amano!

Unfortunately, he happened to be linked with Eleventh in which he has a great amount of debt in his hands.

No wonder he left Rea Amano and Yuki-kun… only to return with a motive with his hands!

God, Eleventh… I don’t know what’s your name but you’re despicable by using Kurou’s debt on recruiting him!

Also, it seems that the Seventh pair are getting married…

…only to be used as a trap for Kurou, Yukkii, and Yuno.

Gee, Yuno… At least man up against Marco, you weaksauce!

Good thing there’s Yuno… She’s very handy when it comes to sticky situations!

Oh, and good thing that she finally grabbed her diary along with Yukkii from Ai.

Unfortunately, Eleventh wants to take all of them down by bombing down the tower!

Yup, Eleventh is very despicable in sheep’s clothing…

So, who do you trust Yukkii? Yuno or your dearest dad?

Man, if he wants to survive, try taking the Yuno route on the next episode!

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