Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode #04

Hello and welcome to Male Nichijou!

This episode deals with this brown-haired girl with decs named Ringo-chan. And, this episode will have a joint school festival between her East Highschool and…

…North Highschool, which is where the likes of Tadakuni studied there!

Oops, looks like they visited the wrong school! Guess it’s time to-

Oh wait, they’re hospitable. But I don’t think Ringo can’t take their drift!

But anyway, let’s get down to business shall we?

Of course, the President is too much of a troll than a fighter…

…Especially when Ringo is pretty much angry and about to beat the President’s ass up!

Now imagine yourself watching this battle while hearing a badass fightin’ music… You’ll get it eventually!

And so, without the help from Kyubey, Ringo from East Highschool won by a landslide margin! Oh, and as for the President of North Highschool, he’s just a chivalrous weaksauce who can’t hit a girl!

Yup, that’s the end of Male Nichijou!!!

Oh, and if you want those noisy girls to shut their mouths off… Throw them some candy, will you!

NOTE: This does not apply in real-life.

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1 Response to Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode #04

  1. Anise_Punter says:

    This is definitely closer to Cromartie than it is Nichijou; while I wasn’t particularly enthralled by the Ringo skits (and they went on and on), there are a lot more laugh out loud skits here than there were in Nichijou. NIchijou’s best skits were the ones where Nano was her generally blobular self. The ones with Mai, Yuuko and Mio playing jokes on each other were oftentimes weak.

    My biggest complaint with this episode was no literature girl and no Tadakuni-imouto (and almost no Hidenori, what was with that?), but the joshikousei skit at the end was hilarious and almost made up for it.

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