Gundam AGE Continues!

Looking cool as a commander, Flit! Now then…

I hope your son can follow your path as a soldier! It’s his destiny after all.

So anyway, welcome to the second generation of Gundam AGE!

As you can see, Flit and Emily’s son named Asem Asuno will be the main character on this arc. And while the UE is now identified as Vegan, they’re still a threat to the Federation! Although Flit is still have those wounds from Operation Ambat, especially when he lost Yurin during the war…

But hey, at least Flit married Emily and made a happy family… which is very rare considering that most protagonists on every Gundam show is either their parents abandoned them or they have a broken family like Kamille Bidan from Zeta Gundam.

And once more, the heroine on this arc named Romary Stone would end up being Asem’s wife in the future…

Just hope Kana Hanazawa’s character might not end up being killed!

Of course, there would be a possible love (and eventual ace pilot) rivalry in the form of Zeheart Galette. Unlike Desil Galette from the first generation, Zeheart is a full-blown Char Clone so he’s calm and collected. Plus, he is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya so he has the charm too!

Oh yeah, the titular Mobile Suit will have an upgrade in a few weeks. Known as AGE-2, the Gundam will have flight capabilities other than the AGE System. But it will only have two form so a third form will not likely be made.

But for now, Asem will be sticking on the AGE-1 for a while. And like I said, I will not blog full-time on Gundam AGE. I’ll keep watching until the end!

TRIVIA: Asem Asuno is voiced by Takuya Eguchi. Don’t expect him finding Victorique to answer some mysteries on Gundam AGE!

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  1. MR.KLAC says:

    all we need now is ai kayano to be in it yea either mostly guessing she in 3rd gen.

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