Amagami SS+ Episode #05

And now, there’s more love for Ai Nanasaki as she’s the main focus on this episode and the next episode!

Remember… “Ai is Love!”

So while Junichi is doing his best on getting a shot at a university, Ai-chan is still focused as the new captain of the swimming club even though she’s a sophomore.

And yes, she’s serious about her job! But hey, at least she could left this one off since Junichi is her boyfriend, right?

Well, not quite as Miya-chan demonstrates! I guess Junichi can’t enter freely as he pleases… Nishishishishi!

So anyway, there will be a problem next week as Junichi goes on a training camp while Ai-chan takes care of club’s activities. Yup, this includes the Oden stand too!

Man, it’s gonna be a lonely Christmas without these two together!

And BTW, I’m still watching Amagami for the plot! But I guess you’re liking this one…

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