Black ★ Rock Shooter TV Episode #01

Well, hello there… Good to see you again, Black ★ Rock Shooter!

Without further ado, here’s Black ★ Rock Shooter on Fuji TV’s noitamina block! And for those who watched the OVA, this is not a continuation.

So anyway, let’s settle some of the differences from the OVA to this TV series, starting with Matoi being friends with Yuu-chan on their first year instead of second year. Of course, there’s a possibility that Yuu might have a persona from another world such as Black★Gold Saw or Strength.

But I’ll bet that Yuu might take Strength later!

While Mato-chan still interacts Takanashi, there is no a hindrance to their friendship. No, not by Yuu-chan…

But this Kagari girl, who happen to dislike anyone on speaking or even touching Takanashi, which includes Mato-chan.

Yes, this girl is creepy even though she’s bound to a wheelchair! And that smile… She’s a psycho yandere lesbian too!

Of course, her persona from another world is even creepier! Eww, spider doll tank… DO NOT WANT!!!

Anyway, this TV Series will only have 8 episodes. But hey, at least there is some time for more plot development!

Although Dead Master’s new look kinda lost on me… Till then, see ya next episode!

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