Highschool DxD Episode #05

Dammit Yuuma! You not only killed Asia-chan, but you stole her precious Sacred Gear! Everyone, burninate that bitch!!!

Meanwhile, Rias and Akeno are still fighting against those fallen angels. Wow, this will drag on, right?

Not on Rias’ case, no one messes with the Gremory Family when Rias is angry! Now on to the good part…

…where Issei is gonna punch that bitch good! Go get ’em!!!

Nope, not gonna happen when he’s a lower-ranked pawn devil! Man, I can’t bear to watch…

Oh right, I forgot about his hidden powers… Oh yeah, I can feel Issei’s power level to OVER 9000!!!

That’s right, punch that bitch… Punch that freakin’ bitch down!!!

Yup, and that’s the exclamation point! Looks like his Sacred Gear has evolved to become more powerful than ever.

As expected from the pawn who has the power of 8 front-line soldiers. Sorry, I don’t want to be redundant since I don’t want to repeat the word “Pawn” on Issei’s description.

Oh wait, don’t tell me that you’ll get away with that human form of yours? No thank you!

Anyway Rias, take her away to oblivion!

And yes, never set your eyes on that fallen angel ever again… Good job, Issei-kun!

Now that Yuuma is gone, it’s time for one thing we all being waiting for…

Reviving Asia-chan as the Bishop of the Gremory Household and returning the stolen Sacred Gear to its rightful owner.

Wow, I feel so happy when Asia is alive! Can’t you feel the emotions pouring out when Issei reunites Asia?

I felt like crying right now!

Anyway, that’s the end of the first arc. Yuuma is gone and peace is restored… But still, the adventure continues as Issei rise up to become the harem demon king!

Of course, this guy wants to ruin Gremory’s servants and take Rias away.

And BTW, I’m completely caught off guard when Koyasu is in the show! Can I give him a break? *facepalm*

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1 Response to Highschool DxD Episode #05

  1. MR.KLAC says:

    ep.5 well oh boy i guess yep indeed ding dong the ex is blown-up to feather!!!

    indeed payback did came true yet issei finally beat the ex even he got both legs got speared still powerful to checkmate the ex.

    yea the ex trying pull a begging there an old saying fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you yep indeed issei won’t get fooled again so he let rias blow-up the ex to feathers.

    indeed yep sweep the broom on the feathers for the na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye.

    also nun live again but now one of the devil aka the bishop.

    oh issei so powerful he worth all pawns combine yep it all hurray yet also cake to have.

    but wait we got bigger fish to fry coming up indeed someone is watching them.

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