Symphogear Episode #05

You know what it needs? A Rocky Training Montage! And unfortunately, it’s short! Boo…

On the other hand, I guess there is a reason why Chris is psychotic. It turns out that she’s a pawn to this mysterious naked woman.

Um Ms. Mysterious Woman or whoever you are, please put some clothes on!

Meanwhile, Tsubasa Kazanari is in a coma after using swan song. C’mon Tsubasa-chan, please wake up and move on to your life regarding Kanade Amou!

She risked her life to save Hibiki, and it’s your job to accept and protect her!

Well Tsubasa-san, looks like you’ve woken up from a bad dream eh!

For now, she needs to take some rest while Hibiki fights against the Noise!

Meanwhile, Hibiki Tachibana and Ryouko Sakurai are being attacked by the Noise while protecting a case that contains a relic sword called Durandal.

As usual, Chris is the summoner and commander of the Noise.

On the other hand, Ryouko is showing her hidden powers. I wonder if she can sing and become a Symphogear user?

Anyways, time to show the results of Hibiki’s training. That’s right, show Chris how stronger you are!

Needs a badass song to boot instead of Aoi Yuuki singing her lungs out!

On the other hand, seems that the sword Durandal is reacting to Hibiki. However, it’s a great opportunity for Chris to get it!

Not this time though as this bitch can’t have Durandal, only Hibiki Tachibana can wield it!

Also, “ZA WARUDO!” anyone?

But in that case, by the power of Kyubey Greyskull…

HIBIKI TACHIBANA HAS THE POWER!!! Yeah, nothing like having a He-Man moment with Hibiki as she’s hulking out again

Well then, looks like Chris got an “Oh Crap!” face now that she saw the power of Durandal in Hibiki’s hands. Just look at the length of the beam… It might rival Ideon’s sword someday!

Alas, Chris has lost the game and she’s gonna get whipped by her naked master!

So with Chris retreated to her mommy, looks like Hibiki has to learn that “Great power comes great responsibility”.

Also, Ryouko Sakurai is impressed on what she did today!

As for Hibiki, she’s stunned on unleashing her powers that she might forgot the “responsibility” part. But anyways, can’t wait for the next episode.

And as for Durandal, I hope it does not cause an issue to everyone… Those terrorists wants to have a piece of that relic.

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  1. MR.KLAC says:

    well never thought sorta better late than never give saw 1st 5eps oh boy indeed like combine nanoha, madoka, singing, & who know what else put in next.

    yea ep.5 yea that ENGLISH speaking wondering why & oh yep so likely either in mid-point eps expect a “heel” turn will happen.

    cause seeing how it goes so most anime-marks got it who doing the “heel” overall yea watch it more.

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