Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode #05

It’s summer break… Still has that dense feeling on both Ichika and Kaito-kun!

Man, when will they become lovers before Ichika leaves Earth?

So yeah, their filming starts on this episode where Ichika is the main star!

Oh, and she’s an alien on this film… which is hilarious considering that she really is one!

And once more, I bet that it’s an reenactment of Ichika’s life in Earth minus the Men In Black part. Hmm, Remon is sure is an esper on digging Ichika’s alien facts!

Of course, there’s still more woes to Kanna-chan. She’s so full of jelly towards Ichika, and she can’t have the moment for Kaito.

So instead of confessing her love to Kaito-kun…

Tetsurou step it up and tell Kai-kun that Kanna loves you and stuff! Wow, indirect confession…

Anyway, there’s still more time for filming production. And this time, they’ll go in Okinawa! Although they’ll have fun instead of finishing their film project.

And BTW, it’s true that Mio is always naked at home… in her room! I wonder if she gets chilly there?

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