Another Episode #05

With two death flags waved on this series, it seems that the mystery is getting obscure on the truth as time passes. Kouichi doesn’t know about his mother’s involvement in Class 3, nor the secrets lies on that infamous class.

Oh, and don’t tell everyone that Mei Misaki exis-HHHNNNGGG!!! Well, that’s three flags now! And now, it costs Kouichi being snubbed off by his class as if he didn’t exist!

Of course, this is a countermeasure that will prevent students from being killed off for unexplainable reasons. Still pretty much left him in the dark now as if he was an “throwaway extra student”.

So, how deadlier this anime can get as Class 3 are getting weirder, cautious, and suspicious to Kouichi and everything that signals death? You don’t need to find out on that question… Another is vague to the bone!

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