Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode #05

And now I’m certain that Motoharu has become white ash after being molested by his sister and her friends!

Rest in Peace… Maybe not!

Alright, we got Jun Fukuyama as the guest star on this episode… playing as Yoshitake and Hidenori’s old friend!

But… I don’t think these two are not welcome when his sister is making a evil glare at them!

BTW, it’s just that his sister has poor eyesight. But her glare is still scary as hell!

Oh my, what big and shiny fang you got there Literature Girl!

Man, I miss you so much… Well, that’s the end of this episode!

And since the girls ate chocolates being thrown by Takahiro last time, they regret eating it and decided to punch his lights off because of the food’s expiration dates.

But of course they can’t do that because… He survived from a head trauma which leaves a scar on his forehead!

On the other hand, the girls are so terrible at singing that they can’t go to London and compete against Afterschool Tea Time! Yup, just stay in your own damn show and your own damn segment…

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    Literature Girl is a total mess. Her segments are the best ones outside of the main three guys (and those two guys who kind of look like those guys… WHO ARE YOU GUYS?)

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