Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Episode #13

Hey, Niwa-kun… You made a homerun for your team, you are the star of the game from Episode 12, and now you deserve a festival being held by your teammates! Lucky dog!!!

So yeah, this is the definite ending for Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko! Although for some reason…

I don’t want this series to end just yet! Yeah, just look how Ryuuko eat her candied apple…

Anyway, it’s a festival episode where they celebrate their victory on a midsummer night!

But wait, where’s Yashiro?

Oh, there she is! I wonder what esper powers will she show us today?

Will she show her dangerous esper powers that involves floating coins and glowing aura?!

Oh, I can’t wait!!!

Oh, it’s just fireworks! Nothing dangerous will come on this-

Woah, is that a meteorite just crashed onto the shrine? Totally unexpected!

Yashiro, we need your explanation!?

But wait, where is Yashiro? Don’t tell me that she’s an alien and returned to her home planet!?

God, I’m confused!!!

So yeah, Yashiro disappeared with only her helmet as the only trace left for that esper girl.

Still, Makoto got shellshocked on what happened when they encountered a meteorite that crashed straight at them.

But hey, at least he got a minor injury. It’s nothing serious or anything!

Anyway, if Shaft can do another season of Denpa Onna, I’ll be delighted! For now, this is the end of this anime… Now if only Denpa Onna can make a crossover with Haganai since the have the same illustrator.

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    If only someone other than SHAFT could adapt some of the later books, that would be pretty nice. More Ryuuko is always welcome.

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