Amagami SS+ Episode #06

Where art thou, Junichi?

Sorry for the Romeo and Juliet reference but Ai-chan is pretty much lonely without Junichi by his side unless…

That man in question did show up in time for their Christmas Eve Date!

Junichi, I wonder if you just sneak out from that cram school just to see your kouhai?

Oh wait, you did sneak out to see Ai-chan on Christmas Eve!

Good thing your bro help you out and confuse them. Let’s thank him for that, Masayoshi deserves a girlfriend!

With that, their date went ahead as planned…

…and ended with a kiss! Now that’s a heartwarming ending on her arc even though Junichi will be going to a university! But hey, they’re still together.

So yes, three heroines down… Three to go on Amagami SS plus.

Oh, and you’re think that Sae Nakata is next, right? Nope, that’s not gonna happen!

The next heroine to be featured on the next episode, according to previews, is none other than Kaoru “Sexhair” Tanamachi! Just hoping that her arc won’t screw up this time around.

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    Excellent meat bun competition.

    Why is Sae not next? Kaoru was so dull last time around.

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