Symphogear Episode #06

This is Finé, the naked woman from Episode 5. Although she didn’t have a line spoken on this episode, it is speculated that she is Ryouko according to Kurogane’s analysis.

Oh yeah and as for Chris, she wants vengeance after being beaten from last week’s episode!

Meanwhile, Hibiki Tachibana has a nice stack for some reason… No wonder Miku Kohinata grab those sometimes!

As for Hibiki, she has to visit Tsubasa Kazanari and take care of her for the time being like cleaning her room.

On the other hand, Tsubasa Kazanari is starting to soften up a bit.

Hey Tsubasa-san, don’t try to kill her okay! I mean, Hibiki wants to be friendly to you…

Oh right, we forgot about Miku Kohinata… Still lonely and felt so jealous when her best friend is hanging out with Tsubasa-san.

And worse, being caught in an attack by Chris! What a bad timing…

Well, it seems that there’s no point for Hibiki to hide her secret identity to Miku any longer!

I mean, Miku will be involved on Hibiki’s mess as more Noise arriving at unspecified places and time!

And note to self: Become friends or get befriended with maximum force! That’s right Chris, taste the befriending by Hibiki Tachibana!

Looks like she took some note from Nanoha Takamachi’s befriending guide book. Available in fictional book stores near you!

Anyway, we’re halfway on to this series, and hell Miku can’t believe that Hibiki is fighting as a Symphogear user!

So Genjuro Kazanari, can you keep Miku from revealing what she saw to everybody on the next episode?

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  1. Anise_Punter says:

    The Chris subplot kind of confuses me; did I miss exactly what she’s fighting for at some point?

    Hibiki’s proportions strike me as rather unusual, though not in the “Kyokai Senjou no Horizon” sense of unusual.

    Hibiki’s definitely done some reading up on the power of friendship. That was quite the FRIENDSHIP PUNCH she laid on Chris there.

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