Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode #06

I understand now, looks like Tadakuni’s sister is forever alone!

Yup, and including Habara… No wonder men don’t like strong and brash women like them!

Oh look, it’s the President sweet-talking Ringo-chan! Well, at least he’s not trolling this time around…

Alright, I’ll take it back! I’LL TAKE IT BACK!

Also, we will like to introduce Mitsuo (voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto) who wanted to be a starter for the soccer team (or what Brazilians call it “futebol”) very badly.

If all else fails, Try being a rugger fathermocker! Yes, I made a dull pun…

Well, it’s now halfway on to this series… What will Sunrise do now on the remaining episodes?

Make more Gundam references, or some Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy shout-out? We wouldn’t know….

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3 Responses to Daily Lives of High School Boys Episode #06

  1. Anise_Punter says:

    Ringo is a total mess – not to the extent that the joshikousei skit girls are, but I mean, yikes. You knew the president was doomed no matter what he did. That entire student council skit was awesome, the part with the dog included.

    Loving this show.

  2. Justin says:

    So now it’s a legitimate question: Rugby…or Soccer?

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