Amagami SS+ Episode #07

Ahem, and we’re now watching Kaoru’s arc for the plot… Not for the “Crotch Rub”, okay!

So yeah, they’re dating for half a year now. But they’re still treated like buddies!

And so, Kaoru decided to go on a trip during summer vacation. Problem is, they don’t have enough money…

So they take part time jobs to earn money… And yes, you probably have some memories from Sae’s arc on the first season!

But hey, at least you got enough money to take a trip!

Ahem, and don’t make a scene here… Please, you’re getting noticed!

See, I told you so… Now everyone got disappoint!

Of course, there was a time that they were stranded because they was eating past their break time while Kaoru hide her souvenirs at their seat with a blanket!

Wow, what are they gonna do now! Will their trip be salvaged on the next episode?

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