Highschool DxD Episode #07

Alright, we got ourselves a competition episode between the Occult Research Club and the Student Council!

Oh, and you think playing tennis is sexy… Think dodgeball for once!

That’s right, a dodgeball game that is so sexy that clothes fly out when hit with powerful throws!

Yes, this includes Issei-kun… But at least his pants were kept after that crotch hit!

But hey, at least Asia heals his crotch… Damn you, Issei-kun!

In the end, the Occult Research Club won. And since they got the victory, they have the right the have familiars…

Just ask this guy, who happened to be Ash Ketchum.

Nah, I’m just kidding… It’s a nameless Familiar Master, and he’s here to help Issei and Asia find a familiar to them!

Of course, it’s seems that Issei found his familiar to be…

That’s right, looks like Issei wants that slime to be his familiar badly! I mean, just look at his face…

Then again, his demon buddies deny him of having slimes at their club house! How sad…

But hey, looks like Asia has found her own familiar… How lucky!

Hey, Issei… Get your own familiar, dammit! Well, that’s it for this episode!

And for the next 4 episodes from Eps. 8 to 11, I will not blog Highschool DxD for now until the final episode where I will compile a review of Eps. 8 to 12 into a single post.

The reason why I decided to put my coverage on hiatus is because I’ve decided to blog Nisemonogatari for the remainder of the season so expect some posts of that show. And also, Highschool DXD will get serious once Riser arrives in town to get Rias and ruin the Occult Club.

So yeah, emotions will spark higher and some of weak-willed viewers might not take the twists and whams for next week and beyond!

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  1. MR.KLAC says:

    are you serious bro?

    come on i’m watching it yea come keep it up really yea i’m all in on it waiting for funi dub.

  2. Hyack says:

    You described everything a lot better in this review. Too bad you not going to write about 8-11 in the meantime ;(

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