Mirai Nikki Episode #19

Looks like there’s no need to hide their identities anymore, Yukkii!

Not only Eighth was identified as Kamado Ueshita…

But also Eleventh was identified too as Mayor John Balks. Man, I guess this anime is speeding up the plot now!

So anyway, Yukiteru has changed from a whiny kid to a magnificent bastard in just 1 episode.

And yes, he, Yuno, and Eighth’s Army are ready to make an ambush against Eleventh!

Anyway, they began their attack and went smoothly as planned! But…

Eleventh has a backup plan which cuts off all signals to every cellphone that Eighth and her army has.

Well, I guess it’s mission failed huh?

Not quite when Yukkii and Yuno use this predicament as an opportunity to kill every orphan as well as Eighth!

So Kamado-san, what are you waiting for? Save yourself!

And be amazed on John Balks’ Watcher Diary as he use it…

…to predict Yukkii’s movement and dodge his attacks! Although his Diary abilities is pretty much vague at the moment.

Nah, who cares about Eleventh’s diary… Let’s bump the Mayor’s car and crash it to submission!

Good thing they didn’t die in the process. That’s gonna be monster kill, which grants Minene the win.

So let’s get to business… They’ll kill both Eleventh and Eighth, and leaves three players left to fight for Deus’ throne!

So I guess it’s the end right?

Not quite when Minene and Akise arrives and give Yukiteru the evidence inside a small box!

Man, I feel that Yuno is worried about that box which only contains…

…a measly part of a umbilical cord? Wait, what’s the connection between this and Yuno!?

Well, according to Detective Akise…

This umbilical cord belongs to the “real” Yuno Gasai who died and was buried along with Yuno’s parents.

Wait, so that means the current Yuno Gasai…

…was a fake!? Say it ain’t so!!! Oh boy, just what will happen to the badass Yukkii now that he learned the truth?

Anyway, just 7 episodes to go and Deus is waiting for a winner!

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1 Response to Mirai Nikki Episode #19

  1. Zammael says:

    Badass Yukiteru will just stammer for a bit, backslide into his default whiny persona, then once he hears the pop and realize that no matter her name, “Yuno” has been by his side from day one and dismiss the evidence and recall his promise he just made to her.

    But then again this is anime logic, and I remain an optimist. 🙂

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