Aquarion EVOL Episode #08

Ahh, nothing like digging through secret places and finding interesting things when Andy is around…

…but he got the wrong artifact in the form of a student handbook. I thought it was important for Aquarion but it’s not!

On the other side of things, the reason why the people of Altair abduct people, especially females, from Earth is because their home planet is completely populated by men when women were simply killed off by an unknown disease.

And they’re not here to abduct by numbers, they find candidates so that the abducted can become the “eve” for planet Altair. Now you know why Alicia was abducted years ago.

But for now, looks like Jin is going to fight Aquarion in person. Oh, and the Mugen Punch will not work this time…

Instead, Jin tries to strip them… No, not the Machine Angel itself, but its pilots!

Yup, you can’t concentrate on fighting an Abductor when you’re stark naked.

But wait, it seems that Zessica’s senses are heighten when showing some skin…

Hmm, that gives me an idea!

Why don’t you three just show some skin…

…combine and be amazed of how your dodging techniques are improved!

And now, finish Jin off… with a No Guard Attack!

That’s right, nothing can stop them even when they’re almost showing your skin!

Of course, don’t try to be naked all the time. Show some modesty next time… Except for Zessica!

Well, that takes care for this episode. Maybe next time, Andy will have his Union with a girl!

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